What is SHURProtect?

For your own benefit and protection, you’ll need to ensure the interests in your goods are well protected, either by insurance or by choosing our SHURProtect© service. Please note that if you do not choose SHURProtect you will have to give us proof of insurance.

Why you need SHURProtect or Insurance

Although we make sure all our stores are fully insured for such things as natural disasters, you’ll need to get an insurance for your stored items against loss or damage that might occur despite us taking good care of stores where your goods are stored

Why SHURProtect isn’t included in the quoted price

Our rental prices can’t include the fee for SHURProtect because the fee of this service depends on the maximum protection you need to protect your interests. The replacement value of your goods shall define the level of protection you need.

Every tenant stores items of different value and so will need different levels of protections.

Where to get SHURProtect

You can opt for SHURProtect as an extension to your self-storage agreement either when you initially enter into a contract or at a later point during the rental period..

Alternatively, you can contact your insurer and ask for a quote. Conditions vary per insurance company, so make sure you ask your insurer for more details.

What SHURProtect does

SHURProtect shall protect you in case your goods are damaged or lost during storage despite our good care, amongst other consequent to the following perils:

  • force of nature e.g. storm, flooding, fire
  • a third party e.g. when a driver hits the gate
  • burglary in your storage unit or location after break-in

In the unlikely event your storage unit is affected by one of these risks, you can search for compensation provided that you were allowed to store these goods at Shurgard and taking into account the SHURProtect maximum you chose and the replacement value of your goods.

How much SHURProtect costs

The actual cost of your SHURProtect fee will depend on the SHURProtect Maximum you contracted.

  • For £6 a month, you are protected for maximum £500 (for locker units only)
  • For £18 a month, you are protected for maximum £2,000
  • For £24 a month, you are protected for maximum £4,000
  • For £36 a month, you are protected for maximum £7,500
  • For £48 a month, you are protected for maximum £10,000
  • For £60 a month, you are protected for maximum £15,000

If £15,000 does not provide sufficient protection, referring to the replacement value of your goods, you shall have to search for insurance cover with your insurance company or broker. Shurgard can not assist therein.

Why store your belongings at Shurgard?

Here are some reasons why Shurgard is great when it comes to storing your belongings.

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Variety of unit sizes

We have a range of storage sizes – so if you don’t have many things, you won’t end up paying for space you’re not using.

Convenient access

Only you can access your storage unit. We offer free and extended access hours, 7 days a week, so you’re free to store or pick up things whenever you need to.

Safe and secure

Our premises are secured with surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing, alarms, individual access codes. You can access your unit with your own lock and key.

No long-term commitment

Our self storage contracts are completely flexible. You just have to inform us 15 days before moving out.

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How self-storage works at Shurgard

Self-storage with Shurgard is easy and convenient. Here’s how to organise it in 3 easy steps.
Step 1
Find the right unit
Use our tool to find the right storage unit at the right price.
Step 2
Rent your storage unit
Complete your rental online. Not sure? Reserve your unit for free with no obligation.
Step 3
Move in
Pack your belongings and move into your storage unit.
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New to self storage?

How self storage works

Self storage with Shurgard is easy. You can rent a storage unit in just 3 steps.

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Our self storage prices

Here's how we quote the price of a self storage unit at Shurgard.

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Our storage unit sizes

Examples of our different storage unit sizes and how to choose the right one.

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Temporary storage

What temporary storage at Shurgard means and how we can help you.

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Community storage vs self storage

The main differences between peer-to-peer storage and self storage.

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Pick up & delivery vs. self storage

The main differences between pick up & delivery and self storage.

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Self storage FAQs

Do you have questions about self storage at Shurgard?

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Housekeeping tips

Get the most out of your storage experience with our housekeeping tips.

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See what customers say about Shurgard

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4.8/5 - 19563 reviews
marco magni
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Patrice and Kapil were helpful and polite when I viewed the unit and I cecked in. Also David from Customer Service was very patient and helpful when I made my reservetion over the phone.
Abdelrhani Cheikh
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Caroline was very helpful and friendly. Excellent service. Thank you very much.
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Great service - accidentally booked wrong location and they swapped for me without issue.
Mila Sager
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Reon was a massive help. I’ve never met a person so extraordinary and so helpful. He swiftly helped me with changing the locks on my locker and eased my stress around making an urgent logistics target. Much appreciated, five stars!
Esra Hough
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It is really a a great storage company with its clean, spacy and neat units. I was completely impressed with Afonso's positive, kind and professional service. I will highly recommend Shurgard .
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