About the Mayor’s Fund

The Mayor’s Fund for London is an independent social mobility charity investing in opportunities for young Londoners from low-income backgrounds. The initiatives the Fund takes are focused on three key areas:

  • wellbeing: supporting children to be happy, healthy and motivated to learn
  • skills: helping them to stay on track at school
  • employment: preparing young adults for employment and giving them better access to employers

Why the Fund was launched

The Fund was launched in 2008 to improve the life chances of children and young people in London, where levels of inequality and poverty have always been the highest in the UK:

  • 37% of children are living in poverty
  • over 400,000 children are at risk of food insecurity
  • young Londoners from low-income backgrounds are less likely to move into professional or managerial jobs
  • more than a quarter of them believe ‘people like me’ do not succeed in life

What the Fund has achieved

Since its launch, over £20m was invested in local communities and over 200,000 children and young people were directly supported.

How Shurgard helps

  • Shurgard is donating £10,000, which will be invested in food, education and job support.
  • Our Shurgard UK team will take part in events and webinars supporting young adults from low-income households in London with work experience, interview preparation and CV writing as part of their Access Aspiration programme.

How you can help

  • You can make a donation to the Mayor's Fund for London website  and quote Shurgard. Click here for more ways to donate.
  • As a company, you can also donate products or professional services to support events in and around London.

Interested in supporting the Mayor’s Fund for London? Find out more on mayorsfundforlondon.org.uk Twitter: @mayorsfund
Instagram: @mayorsfundforlondon
LinkedIn: Mayor’s Fund for London