Below are the starting prices for our various storage unit sizes:

Prices can differ depending on the location

  Weekly price Monthly price  
< 40 sq ft from £6.
from £30.

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40 - 70 sq ft from £20.
from £88.

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70 - 100 sq ft from £30.
from £130.

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100 - 130 sq ft from £37.
from £161.

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> 130 sq ft from £44.
from £193.

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What is the price of a self storage unit in London and the Thames Valley?

The price of a storage unit depends on a number of factors:

1. The storage size you need

We have different storage sizes available for rent ranging from a small 10 sq ft locker to a larger unit of 300 sq ft. Typically the larger the storage unit, the cheaper the square foot.

From our experience, most people tend to over-estimate the storage size they need. Our storage units are approximately 10 feet high, so you can easily stack your belongings. This means self storage units at Shurgard are cheaper than you think! By calculating the right unit size, you never have to pay more than you need.

2. The location of the storage facility

The closer you are to city centre the higher the prices will be. If you don’t need regular access to your storage unit, it’s worth considering a location further away from the city centre for cheaper storage prices.

3. The extent to which you would like Shurgard to be liable for any theft of, or damage to, your belongings.

If your belongings are damaged or stolen as a result of Shurgard’s failure to provide the storage service, Shurgard will accept liability for your loss up to a maximum agreed in advance with you (£50 unless otherwise agreed).

You may opt for SHURProtect where you can seek compensation in case of any theft of, or damage to, your belongings. The amount of the service fee will depend on the SHURProtect maximum.

What is included in our self storage prices?

  • Expert advice and support on site
  • Free extended access to your storage unit 7 days a week
  • A personal access code
  • Sole access to your self storage unit
  • Free use of our trolleys for easy loading and unloading of your storage unit
  • Free onsite parking
  • 24-hour camera surveillance
  • Under cover loading bays

Don’t miss out on our special offers!

Some selected units are only £1 for the first month's rent* if you’re a new customer. No minimum stay is required.

On top of that we regularly have special offers on selected units and facilities, so keep an eye out on our website!

Additional costs for self storage

These are the only extra costs you may need to pay:

One-off administration fee

We charge a one-off administration fee of £20 when you sign your first contract with us. Returning customers do not need to pay this fee.

SHURProtect (goods protection)

Although we make sure all our stores are fully insured, for your own peace of mind and protection, you’ll need to get protection for your stored items against loss or damage.

Our rental prices can’t include the fee for SHURProtect because the fee of this service depends on the maximum protection you need to protect your interests. The replacement value of your goods shall define the level of protection you need.

How SHURProtect protects your belongings in storage.


You may need to buy a new, sealed lock for £14.90 if your own lock does not fit, to guarantee no one else can access your storage unit.

Read more about the lock for your storage unit.

How much does student storage cost?

For students, we recommend a 10 sq ft storage unit. The storage prices for this unit size depend on the storage location.

See storage prices for students

How much does self storage for a 1 bedroom flat cost?

For an average studio flat, you will normally need a storage unit of around 40 sq ft. The storage prices for this unit size depend on the storage location.

See storage prices for 1 bedroom flat

How much does self storage for a 2 bedroom house cost?

For an average 2 bedroom house, you will normally need a storage unit between 70 to 80 sq ft. The storage prices for this unit size depend on the storage location.

See storage prices for 2 bedroom house

How much does self storage for a 3 bedroom house cost?

For an average 3 bedroom house, you will normally need a storage unit around 100 sq ft. The storage prices for this unit size depend on the storage location.

See storage prices for 3 bedroom house

Alternatives to self storage and how much they cost

Container storage

If you need to store large, bulky items such as a car or machinery, or other large items that are not sensitive to changes in temperature or damp, then container storage can be a solution for your storage needs.

However, this type of metal containers is located outdoors, they are usually unmanned and accessible to the public. The cost of renting a container is generally cheaper, but you lose the security and confidence that comes with self storage.

Providers such as Shurgard can offer a much safer environment for your stored goods and our store managers are available during office opening hours to assist and advise you.

Collect and delivery storage (Box storage)

The concept of box storage means that a company will collect your boxed items and take them to a storage facility. When you want your boxes back, the company will return them at an arranged time. This type of storage only works if you don’t need regular access to your belongings.

The price you will pay is per box, for collection as well as return. The downside of this storage concept is that you depend on the timeslots of the company, you don’t have any control over the safety, and you are unable to access your belongings once they’re stored.

If you want to know exactly where your items are stored and prefer to be fully in control of when you bring or pick up items, then self storage will work better for you. At Shurgard, your items are safe and always within reach, 7 days a week.

Removal depositories

Some removal companies also combine storage with a house move or home renovation. Your furniture and household goods will be stored away in large warehouses which you will normally not be able to access. The storage price will be included or added to the removal cost.

If you don’t need access to your belongings during your house move or home renovation, storage provided by your removal company may be a solution for your storage needs.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to have free access to your belongings and privacy as to what you store, than we advise you to rent a storage unit.

Find the right storage unit at the right price

We have 44 self storage facilities in London and the Thames Valley, conveniently located near main roads and public transport, so you can always find one near you!

At Shurgard we offer convenient and secure self storage units in a wide range of sizes and at affordable prices. Use our storage finder to find the perfect storage unit near you!

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Why store your belongings at Shurgard?

Here are some reasons why Shurgard is great when it comes to storing your belongings.

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Variety of unit sizes

We have a range of storage sizes – so if you don’t have many things, you won’t end up paying for space you’re not using.

Convenient access

Only you can access your storage unit. We offer free and extended access hours, 7 days a week, so you’re free to store or pick up things whenever you need to.

Safe and secure

Our premises are secured with surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing, alarms, individual access codes. You can access your unit with your own lock and key.

No long-term commitment

Our self storage contracts are completely flexible. You just have to inform us 15 days before moving out.

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How self-storage works at Shurgard

Self-storage with Shurgard is easy and convenient. Here’s how to organise it in 3 easy steps.
Step 1
Find the right unit
Use our tool to find the right storage unit at the right price.
Step 2
Rent your storage unit
Complete your rental online. Not sure? Reserve your unit for free with no obligation.
Step 3
Move in
Pack your belongings and move into your storage unit.
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New to self storage?

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How to secure your unit

About the lock for your storage unit, why you need it and how to purchase one.

About your storage unit lock

Goods protection for your belongings

Why you need goods protection when storing at Shurgard and how much it costs.

About goods protection your belongings

Expert advice

Our trained staff is here to give you the best possible storage experience.

What we can do for you

Our security measures

About the different security measures we put in place to safeguard your belongings.

About security at Shurgard

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