About Shurgard Self-Storage

About Shurgard Self Storage - Video
No. 1
in Europe
1.4 million
sqm rentable area

Shurgard is the largest owner and operator of self-storage facilities in Europe with 274 self-storage centers in:

How we operate

We commenced operations in 1995 and are one of the pioneers of the self-storage concept in Europe.

We generate revenue through the lease of storage units and related activities, including insurance referrals and the sale of storage products and packaging.

Our real estate operating revenue and income from property have increased steadily in recent years, as we increased rental rates across our network while growing occupancy, alongside development, redevelopment and acquisition activity.

We integrate local expertise in the seven countries where we operate with centralized in-house capabilities to provide a consistent experience to residential and commercial customers.

We primarily operate in urban areas across Europe, with approximately 93% of our stores located in capital and major cities.

Our development strategy

We have an established track record of developing, redeveloping and acquiring stores.

Between December 31, 2014 and September 30, 2023 we have developed 31 new stores, completed redevelopment projects at 31 stores, and acquired 64 stores.

Our investment criteria are focused on acquiring and developing high-quality stores that are easily accessible by our customers in markets believed to have strong growth potential.

We continue to focus on attractive and cycle-resilient urban areas that we anticipate will enjoy strong demand and provide attractive growth potential.