Storage units from €1 for the first month's rent, plus save up to 50% every month.
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Self-storage in Brent

Do you have a sofa you would like to reupholster? Or maybe a wardrobe you want to paint when you have some time?

Don’t let your hobbies take over your garage or attic. At Shurgard you can rent a storage unit for however long you need it for.

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Affordable and flexible self-storage in Brent

  • Three locations: Shurgard Neasden, Shurgard Alperton Park Royal and Shurgard Edgware are easy to reach, both by car and public transport.
  • Free booking & no obligation to rent: reserve your unit online - no deposit, no obligation to rent and no cancellation fee
  • 7 days a week access: you can access your storage unit 365 days a year
  • Accessible facilities: loading and unloading is easy thanks to our large car parks
  • Safe & secure: we have a range of security systems to ensure your belongings are safe at all times
  • Expert advice: if this is your first time booking a storage unit, our team will help you find the right size
  • Packing materials: bubble wrap, packing tape… you name, we’ve got it here