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Affordable self storage in Den Haag

Self storage at Shurgard

In a cultural city as Den Haag, extra storage space can be an expensive luxury. Need a place to store your belongings? Shurgard offers convenient and cheap self storage units in Den Haag.

When a storage unit in Den Haag makes your life easier

A storage unit in Den Haag comes in handy in many situations.

Use self storage to make renovation easier

A storage unit is a safe place to keep your stuff while the work gets done.

  • Keep your belongings clean and safe from getting damaged.
  • Move furniture out of the way and get the work done more quickly.
  • Have space to live so you won't be surrounded by things removed from rooms being worked on.
  • If the builders aren't ready for the materials you've ordered, store them until they are.

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About to embark on an expat adventure?

Whether you’re enjoying the expat life or the trip of a lifetime, you can rest assured we'll keep your belongings safe and secure until you return.

We offer a wide range of storage unit sizes at 8 different locations in Den Haag. Not sure how much space you need? Use our size calculator to determine the right storage unit size.

Prepare for your new home with self storage

A storage unit can be a life saver if you're moving house.

  • Keep your belongings safe while abroad without inconveniencing friends or family.
  • Create an impression of more space and sell your property more quickly or at a better price.
  • Temporarily store your belongings in a storage unit when you're in between houses.
  • Take time to pack and unpack at your own pace.

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Why using self storage for business makes sense

A storage unit in Den Haag can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. It's a great alternative to paying for more office space and most importantly - it's much cheaper!

  • Archives and paperwork
  • Tools and equipment
  • Business stock
  • Office furniture

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Here's what you need to know about self storage in Den Haag

Step 1. Search for storage near you

We have 8 self storage facilities in Den Haag, so you can always find one near you! Enter your postcode or location in the search box below or select a facility.

Step 2. Pick your storage unit size

Time to select your storage unit! Our storage units range in size from 10 to 30 square metres and are approximately 3 metres high. The storage unit size you need will depend on how much you have to store.

Step 3. Reserve or rent your storage unit

To secure the prices and promotions of your storage unit, you can reserve online. Free and without any obligation to rent! You can complete the rental of your storage unit online. It only takes a few minutes, and you can skip the paperwork on your move in day.

What are the prices for a storage unit in Den Haag?

The price you pay for your storage unit depends on a number of factors:

The storage unit size you need

Prices for larger units are higher, so it's important to find a storage unit that matches your needs. We have storage unit sizes up to 30 square metres. The larger the storage unit, the cheaper the square metre.

The location of your storage facility 

The closer you are to Den Haag Centre, the higher the storage prices will be. If you don’t need regular access to your unit, consider a location further away from the centre of Den Haag for cheaper storage prices.

The replacement value of your stored items

Most storage providers require you to take out an insurance policy for your belongings whilst in storage. The cost of goods coverage will depend on the replacement value of your stored goods.

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Here's why customers rent a storage unit in Den Haag

  • Store in optimal conditions – your storage unit will be in a tip-top state ready for you to store your belongings.
  • Any size, any budget – with storage units ranging from 10 to 30 square metres, there’s always one to match your needs!
  • No deposit – unlike other self storage providers, we don't charge deposits.
  • 7 days a week access – we offer extended access hours so you can freely drop off or pick up things as needed.
  • Peace of mind – we have electronic gate access and CCTV. Your storage unit is secured with your own lock and key.
  • Expert advice – our store managers are available during opening hours to answer any questions you may have.

Questions & answers

  • Start by picking a storage location near you. Then you can select and reserve the storage unit you need.
    If you need help figuring out the right storage unit for your needs, try our storage finder or call one of our storage experts on 0800 4100.

  • Shurgard has 8 self storage locations across Den Haag.

  • Yes, you can always stop by any of our Shurgard facilities during office opening hours and our staff will be happy to show you around.

  • Try our size calculator to figure out quickly the storage size you need. Or call one of our storage experts on 0800 4100 and they’ll help you find the right storage size for you.

  • For an average studio flat, you will normally need a storage unit of around 5 square metres.

  • For an average 2 bedroom house, you will normally need a storage unit of around 7,5 quare metres.

  • For an average 3 bedroom house, you will normally need a storage unit of around 10 quare metres.

  • You can see the starting prices of our storage units above. Our self storage prices are generally cheaper than most other self storage operators.

  • We offer first month discount and occasional online special or special prices. Moreover our prices are generally cheaper than most other self storage operators, so you can always find the best deal with Shurgard!

  • You can choose one of the 8 storage locations in the overview above and select a storage unit.

    You can complete your reservation online, stop by the store during office opening hours, or call our staff on 0800 4100 to reserve your unit.

  • We will hold your unit, price and promotion for 30 days. You can always cancel free of charge.
    Simply call our staff on 0800 4100 and one of our storage experts will be happy to help you.

  • At Shurgard, we offer:

    • Affordable self storage prices and promotions
    • 7 days a week access to your storage unit
    • Flexible rental period
    • Parking at the facility
    • Free use of our trolleys to load and unload
    • Expert advice on-site
    • Free reservation - no obligation to rent
    • No security deposit required

  • At Shurgard it is! All our self storage facilities have:

    • CCTV cameras
    • perimeter fencing
    • alarms and sensor lighting
    • individual PIN code access
    • a unique lock and key to each unit

  • Most of our storage facilities offer extended opening hours between 6.00 and 23.00, 7 days a week at no extra cost to you. Check our store pages for more information on access hours.

  • All our locations have sufficient parking so that you can park at or next to the premises. Many locations even have a “drive-in” so you can drive your vehicle directly into the premises and park inside while loading and unloading.
    Inside the building there are trolleys to help you move your belongings to your storage unit. There are goods lift available if your storage unit is located on one of the upper floors.

  • No, unlike other self storage providers, Shurgard never asks for a deposit when you rent a storage unit with us.

  • Yes. You can rent a storage unit for as short as one week. Just inform our staff about your planned move out date when you sign your contract.

  • No, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, Shurgard can offer that too. Our rental periods are completely flexible.

  • Yes of course, you can move your belongings to another storage unit at any time - either after you’ve reserved a unit or even after you’ve moved in. You only pay the rental difference if the new storage unit is more expensive.
    If your new unit is cheaper you will be credited for the rental difference with the old unit.

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