Need a place to store your tools and equipment? Self-storage is perfect.

Secure storage for equipment at Shurgard Self Storage
Storage units from €1 for the first month's rent. No minimum stay.
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Self-storage for tools and equipment

Your tools and equipment are essential to the smooth running of your business. So make sure you have somewhere secure, dry and easily accessible to keep them. Our self-storage could be the solution. You can keep your tools in a self-storage unit at night, you can pick them up in the morning on your way to work, and put them back in the evening.

When self-storage can come in handy

  • Keeping your equipment safe and secure: self-storage is often a more secure option than your van, garage or shed.
  • Minimising clutter in your home: if you are forever dumping your tools in the hall or by the back door then a storage unit is a more satisfactory solution – marks, stains or scuffs in the home are prevented.
  • Preventing damage: if you’ve got a proper place for everything your kit is less likely to suffer accidents and keep in tip-top condition.
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How we can help you

  • Choose the storage size you need: we've got a unit that suits your need whether you’re storing tools, a leaf-blower, or a lawnmower or all of the above.
  • Access when you need it: no need to worry if you’ve got an early start or late finish – you can daily access your things.
  • Short and long term storage options:  if you want to use storage every day or just for a one-off period, then we can help.
  • Up or down-size whenever you need: if you buy more kits then you can upgrade to a larger unit at no charge. And if you sell some off, you can get a smaller unit with no transfer fee.
  • Loading and unloading is easy – some of our units have vehicle access. Or you can use one of our wide loading bays and trolleys to move your equipment and tools in and out.

Why choose Shurgard for storing tools and equipment

Shurgard self-storage is great for small businesses and trades.

  • You can reserve online – all available units and prices are shown online, including any special offers. You can book a unit instantly on our website.
  • You don’t pay a deposit – we understand that you don’t want to take on any extra business costs.
  • Security measures in place – only you have access to your unit. You get your own PIN code. And all our sites are protected by CCTV.
Storage units from €1 for the first month's rent. No minimum stay.
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