Storage units from €1 for the first month's rent. No minimum stay.
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Moving out of your self-storage unit

When you’ve completed your house move or renovation project, it’s time to celebrate. But it’s also time to move out of storage. Here’s what you need to know.

Give notice on your unit

You’ll need to give notice in writing before you want to move out. So don’t forget to write or email us about your plans. Please make sure that notice is received by us at least 30 days before your planned move out date .

Empty and sweep your unit

On move-out day, take all your belongings out of your unit and sweep it out.

We’ll inspect the unit to make sure you’ve not forgotten anything and we’ll check that it’s in as good a condition as when you first rented it.

If you decide you don’t want something you’ve stored, please don’t leave it behind. We can’t dispose of anything for you.

Remove the lock

Your lock belongs to you, and you alone have the key to it, so be sure to take it with you – you may want to use it again. If you leave the unit locked, we’ll consider it still let.

Tell the on-site manager

Finally, please let the on-site manager know that your unit is empty so they can inspect it. Once they’re satisfied with its condition they’ll officially end your contract and you’ll no longer be a tenant. But we hope that you’ll return the next time you need to put things in store.

What if you change your mind?

If your renovation project dragged on longer than you expected or you can’t get all your furniture to fit in your new home, you may want to continue renting your storage unit after all. That’s not a problem. Just let us know by emailing or calling the manager at your Shurgard location.

Alternatively, you may want to transfer to a smaller unit. We don’t charge a transfer fee. Just talk to your on-site manager. They’ll advise you on what size or type of unit would suit you better and help you reserve your new unit

Storage units from €1 for the first month's rent. No minimum stay.
Please enter a postcode or location
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