Our customers

Our customers tell their stories of how Shurgard helps them

Jennifer Gibson

“I bought a wreck of house and I’m having work done in every room in some way or another, so nothing could stay there while my builders have been creating my ‘forever home’.

“I’ve been staying with relatives and friends but I needed somewhere to store all the furniture from my house while the work was going on.

“I’m a pensioner and on my own. The team at Shurgard’s Chingford store clocked that when they first met me and have really looked after me. They got me a unit directly opposite the lift on the second floor, which made things easy for my removal men. I’m paying for 50 cubic feet but because it’s non-standard in shape, I’ve got extra space for free.

“And they’ve been very good about shifting the dates as to how long I can have the unit. There’s been a couple of times when I thought I was moving my furniture back into my home. But at the last minute that didn’t happen because the builders had more to do.

“But it’s been no problem at all. They have just extended the rental period. Right from the start, they said: ‘Don’t worry if the dates change and things work out differently.’ I came away unworried, having gone in there a bit anxious. It’s stressful enough when you’ve got the builders in.

I had no idea the service was going to be so good. I only went with Shurgard because they were unbeatable on price with the first month for £1(*) offer.

“I’ve been back to the unit a couple of times because I’ve bought a few bits for my new home and thought where am I going to store them? Whenever I’ve walked in the staff have greeted me by name. That’s so professional and yet friendly. I do rate them.”

Andrew Pedley

“My business, Secure Transportation Ltd, has been with Shurgard 11 years in total and our company has up to 5 units at any one time.

“We store and transport equipment for clients doing corporate events and exhibitions both in the UK and abroad, so security matters hugely for us.

“Our clients store what they need with us and then we’ll transport it to any event they want to attend, wherever it is. And when the event is over, we’ll bring it back into storage.

“We also store our own equipment that we use when working at events for clients.

“I do look around at other storage providers because I want to ensure we’re still getting the best units and value for money for our clients. But I’m still with Shurgard because their business model works for us and their units are superior to other providers.

“By this I mean that Shurgard’s infrastructure is better than any of the others. And the units are better constructed.

“Another thing that’s important to my business is easy access to major roads as we’re moving things around so much. At the Hayes store, we’re right by the M4 and M25. It’s easy to get to Heathrow, Bristol, Manchester, wherever…

What we also get from Shurgard is flexibility. We can take on another unit whenever we need to and this works for us.

Jeff Smith

“As a handyman, I need somewhere to store tools and materials. Self-storage is a very cost-effective way of having somewhere that’s yours and that’s dry and completely secure – it’s what you need if you’re in my line of work.

“There are so many companies in the storage industry but they’re not all as professional as Shurgard. In fact, very few companies of any sort today provide such great customer servicethe guys down the store are like family, if you know what I mean. They’re great and we all know each other.

Shurgard have also got very high-quality units. Some of the other storage companies have containers in car parks. They might be brightly painted, but that’s a bit of a gimmick. What you want is something that keeps your things safe and dry.

“I originally rented one unit at the Surbiton store, but as my business has expanded, I’ve taken an extra one. And as we get bigger, I may take on more. Who knows? I used to be a one-man-band but now there are four of us.

“Because we need to pick up stuff for our next job or drop things off from the last one, it’s very important that we can access our units every day at any time. We’re in and out of them as many as three times a day.

“Our units are down in the basement but there are lifts and trolleys so moving stuff in and out is very easy.”