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Storage units

Different unit sizes and types, how to choose and rent a unit
Storage units

Shurgard offers various unit sizes and types, you can trust us to always have the right storage solution to suit your situation.

Below are the frequently asked questions about our storage units and lockers.

About the storage units

Shurgard offers storage unit sizes from 10 sq ft up to 300 sq ft.

  • All our storage units are approximately 10 feet high.
  • Our lockers are approximately 3 feet high

Shurgard offer a wide variety of storage units.

  • Lockers: about 3 feet high and range in surface area from 5 sq ft to 15 sq ft, ideal for storing small items or a few storage boxes.
  • All our other storage units: about 10 feet high and range in surface areas from 10 sq ft up to 300 sq ft.

You can also choose among the below access options.

  • Direct access: If you want to drive a vehicle directly to the door of your unit – making loading and unloading easy – choose direct access storage. You pay for the convenience as these units are more expensive.
  • Ground floor access: If you don’t want the bother of putting your things in a lift – perhaps they’re heavy or cumbersome – choose ground floor access storage.  
  • Upstairs access via lift: If you don’t mind using the lift, choose upstairs storage accessed via lift. These are slightly cheaper units and ideal if you don’t need to store heavy or large items.  
  • Value unit: If you’re looking for a cheaper unit and don’t mind it being an irregular shape, perhaps with a sloping roof, choose a value unit.

See examples of Shurgard storage unit sizes

Indoor units are protected from the outside elements and are located along broad hallways (and lifts in multi-storey facilities).

Outdoor units are located on the ground floor and offer you the convenience of being able to drive up to the unit door.

The temperature in your storage unit at Shurgard depends on the Shurgard location. Ask the on-site manager at your location if you have any specific questions or requirements.

Shurgard offers a range of storage units with ventilation.

Choosing a storage unit

There are two ways to determine the storage size you need:

  • Use our online storage size estimator.
    Here you can indicate which items you want to store and the estimator will do the calculation for you.
  • You can contact one of our staff and they will help you determine the suitable storage size.
    Call 0800 368 0420 or call a Shurgard location in your area. Of course you are always welcome to come to one of our facilities in person.

People often require less space than they initially estimate, which means you would normally pay less to rent a storage unit than you think!

Of course. If your requirements change, you can move to a bigger or smaller unit. There are no transfer costs at Shurgard.

This can be easily arranged with one of our staff at your Shurgard location.

See more information about changing unit

Renting a storage unit at Shurgard

The rental price of a storage unit depends on several factors, for example the unit size. Storage units at Shurgard vary in size, . This means you will never pay for more space than you need.

Select one of our Shurgard locations to see available storage units and prices.

There are three options for renting a storage unit at Shurgard:

  • Via this website: this is the quickest and most convenient way to rent a storage unit.
    First, find the Shurgard location nearest to you. Then choose the best unit size for you. Enter your details to reserve the storage unit.
  • At one of our locations.
    Come along, have a cup of coffee and let our friendly staff assist you.
  • Call us on 0800 368 0420.